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Did you arrange everything for your inheritance?



You would rather not dwell on the fact that one day you will no longer be here anymore. But when you have documented and arranged everything properly, it will give you and your next of kin peace of mind. Partiar, executor of estates, thinks along with you and tells you what you should think about.

Arranging my

You want certainty that there are no doubts for your loved ones and that your wishes are also properly implemented. For this, you can name an executor in your will. We are happy to inform you about the added value of an independent and professional executor.

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Settlement of an estate

When someone dies, a lot has to be arranged. In addition to a funeral, all kinds of financial and administrative matters also have to be arranged. We understand better than anyone what a hectic time this is and are happy to offer you a helping hand.

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Partiar as a professional liquidator

Professional liquidator

Are you an heir or creditor in an unclaimed estate? Or do you have a client involved in a conflict of inheritance law? Partiar is regularly appointed as liquidator and, thanks to its expertise in the field of inheritance law, has already completed many liquidations.

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There is a lot to consider when settling an estate. For example, what is the task of an executor and who are the heirs if it turns out that no will has been drawn up? Is it also wise to accept an estate if the deceased had debts? We are happy to tell you more about this and how we can help you as an independent and professional executor.

Executor Partiar

The executor

An executor is appointed by will and settles an estate according to the will of the deceased. An executor can be a family member or a close friend, but also an independent party.

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No will, but an estate

It is not always obvious that someone has drawn up a will. In that case, the law determines who the heirs are.

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Accept or reject estate

An estate can be refused or accepted in one of two ways: accept an inheritance outright or under benefit of inventory.

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Pleasant contact, unburdened and meets all expectations.

I have experienced the cooperation with partiar as very pleasant, from the introduction to the completion. They think along and unburden you, have a lot of in-house knowledge, and are always willing to explain.
- Assendelft


Nice experience and handling the inheritance and current affairs in a neat and dignified manner.
- Velserbroek


Good experience. Clear messages. Settlement of the inheritance took a very long time in my opinion. But may be quite normal.
- Amsterdam

Fairly satisfied

I thought it took a long time. Everything was very cumbersome unfortunately if one does not make a will, but it was arranged after more than a year
- Amsterdam


Do their work to my satisfaction, complete the work neatly and correctly. The only comment I have is that communication could be "a little" more often, but that is purely personal. The communication that was there was good and complete.
- Barendrecht

Careful, communicative and also slow.

As above
- Maarssen


Processing went great.
- Apeldoorn

substantive errors in documents

- the deceased was cremated before his death, according to the notice, very strange - in the list of heirs, a cousin is mentioned as Mrs.
- Purmerend

Could be better

My experience is that everything went well, but the communication with the people who hired partiar could be a lot better
- Lelystad

I am very satisfied with the way in which Partiar has settled my uncle's estate.

Good communication, accessibility. Work and associated costs made clear. Always kept well informed of the necessary steps in the entire process and of the expected duration of the various steps. Gave all together very careful impression.
- Leiden
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