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As a professional executor of estates, Partiar is involved on a daily basis with administrative, financial and legal matters that need to be arranged around and after a death. One of our activities concerns the commissioning of the funeral. In this capacity, Partiar has already delt with funeral professionals from all over the country more and more frequently in recent years.

As a funeral professional, in addition to your own broad range of tasks, you are always concerned with relatives and the questions they have. With this in mind, Partiar can offer you one-day broadening courses which you can apply to in addition to your own tasks.

In addition to a day with in-depth insights into inheritance law and commissioning, the course is also an invitation and introduction to our team who can always assist you with vaious questions you might have.

Course: No client who can sign for the funeral?

It is not always self-evident that someone can or wants to sign for a funeral. By gathering the right people around you, having the right information and being well aware of current regulations, you are well prepared as a funeral professional. We are happy to tell you during our course.

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Course: Basic Inheritance Law

Will, death right, succession and claiming the legal portion can be discussed with next of kin after a death. Complex topics that need some explanation. As a funeral professional, do you want to expand your knowledge of inheritance law? Then sign up for our Basic Inheritance Law course.

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Continuing education of NaVU

All Partiar Academy courses are accredited by the NaVU.