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Many things in our lives are well arranged. Nevertheless, it often happens that certain wishes are not properly documented after death. Therefore it is good to think this over and to record personal wishes on time. By arranging things now, your next of kin will not be left with unanswered questions and unexpected costs. This gives you and your next of kin peace of mind.

Well organized gives peace of mind

To ensure that your wishes are carried out properly after your death, you can appoint someone as executor in your will. In your will you then capture the rights and obligations of the executor. The executor can be an heir, relative, a close friend or an independent party such as Partiar. in the event that you do not want to burden your family or friends with this task. The settlement of an estate is an important, but also a time-consuming task and involves more than one initially thinks.

Appoint Partiar as executor

As an independent party, Partiar takes care of all practical, administrative and tax matters regarding the settlement of your estate and Partiar ensures a smooth settlement. With the appointment of Partiar as executor, you are in control, even after your death.

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mr. Hans den Braven

Partiar likes to think along with you

Would you like to know how to properly document your estate? Or would you like to know more about the task of an in a personal appointment? Please contact us for a free consultation. This meeting can take place at your home, anywhere in the Netherlands, or at our office. 

Our colleague Hans den Braven likes to think along with you and help you to record your wishes.