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No will, but an estate

After a death it is not always obvious that the deceased had drawn up a will. If the deceased did not have a will drawn up, the Dutch intestacy rules in Dutch inheritance law will be applied. This means that the law determines who the heirs are. The following order of 4 groups is used here.

Distribution of estate according to the law

First of all, the heirs are determined in a certificate of inheritance. This is done by a notary. If the heirs are not known, the notary will first start an heir search. When identified, the heirs will be notified that they can choose the method of acceptance: accept the inheritance outright, accept under benefit of inventory or refuse the inheritance.

Partiar as authorized representative

All heirs are jointly responsible for the settlement of the estate. In some cases, this can delay the settlement of an estate.

Partiar as authorized representative

For example when:

  • there are only distant relatives

  • relatives living at a great distance or abroad

  • relatives do not have the correct knowledge

  • relatives are minors

  • relatives are not interested in the estate

Partiar can then be appointed as authorized representative by the heirs within the estate. In this way, the estate is completed in a professional but careful way and Partiar takes the burden of your shoulders.

As an authorized representative within an estate, Partiar can represent all heirs, or represent only one or more heirs.

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