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Mediation between heirs

Death brings grief and settling an estate is often a complicated and emotional process. When family relationships have already been disturbed, a settlement of an estate can aggravate relationship. Partiar can offer you a helping hand with estate mediation.

As an independent mediator, Partiar does not judge, but helps you to find a solution together. A solution that is acceptable to all parties.

Estate mediation is provided within Partiar by mr. Hans den Braven. Hans den Braven has over 10 years of experience in guiding clients in their search for solutions in various areas. First as a candidate civil-law notary, and currently as a legal mediator. Hans den Braven is involved, knowledgeable and a fully-fledged discussion partner.

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This meeting can take place at your home, anywhere in the Netherlands, or at our office.

Hans den Braven
Hans den Braven
Director | Notarial lawyer | Estate mediator